Sl.No. Name of the Laboratory Major Facilities
1. Pharmaceutics-3 Labs. & Machine room & Microbiology Tablet machine-2 Nos., Capsule filling Mach-2nos.Disintegration apparatus-1 No., Tablet hand taster-2 Nos. PH meter., Conductivity meter, laminar air flow-1 No. Autoclave-3 Nos. Dryer-1.
2. Pharmachemistry-2Labs. & Pharma Analysis. HPLC,GC, Double Beam UV-Vis Spectrophotomerter, Colorimeter, Flame, Photometer, etc.
3. Pharmacognosy-2 Labs. Trinocular microscope, Compound microscope, TLC, paper chromatography, Hot air oven Furnace for ash formation Soxhlet apparatus, Distillation unit Eyepiece micrometer Stage micrometer, Camera lucida, Compoiund Microscopes. Dessicator, Clevenger's apparatus.
4. Pharmacology-2 Labs. Eddy's hot plate, Digital Actophotometer, Rata Rod Apparatus, Convulsio meter, Forced swimming test apparatus, Analgesiometer, Cook's Pole climbing apparatus, Radial Plus maze, Kymograph.
5. P.G. Lab-06 Dissolution test apparatus.2. Tabletting machine4. Tab. Coating pan. Stability Chamber Pharmacology Instruments, Distillation Unit, Polymer Unit, Centrifuge Shaker.
Pharmachemistry-2Labs. & Pharma Analysis.
Pharmacognosy-2 Labs.
Pharmacology-2 Labs.