Governing Body

Board Members
Sl. No. Name Position Brief Background
1 Sri P.C. Tripathy Chairman Retd., Senior Class-I Administrative Service of State Govt. Noted literary person and scholar on history. Author of no. of books on those subject out of which are once in the syllabus at University level.
2 Sri K.C. Kar Member (Non-Technical) Retd. Govt. servant from education service. A noted social worker in the locality.
3 Sri M.D. Srichandan Member (Technical) Noted Physicist now working under Utkal University.
4 Sri S.K. Rath Member (Non-Technical) Retd. Govt. servant from Addl. Secretary, Finance Deptt. of Orissa Secretariat service. Author of no. of books on the Finance Rules etc.
5 Dr.C.R. Dash Member (Technical) Retd. Professor of Chemistry, Served under different Universities ofEuropea Countries. Also now working as Advisor of State Govt. on environment.
6 Dr.P.K. Mishra Member (Non-Technical) Professor and Head of Deptt. of Sanskrit of Utkal University, Eminent scholar and author of a no. of books on this subject.
7 Dr.M.S. Ghosh Member (Technical) Reputed teacher in Pharmaceutics,
Now working as Professor on the same subject.
8 Ch.Parameswar Patro Staff Representative (Technical) Teacher in Pharma Chemistry, now working as Reader.
9 Sri S.N. Mishra Staff Representative (Technical).